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Seven w/ Another Retrospective

Tue 25 March–FRI 25 April

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse and Seven w/ Another

What happens when 98 creative people from painters and photographers to mimes and mathematicians get together to create 49 artworks? 

Seven With Another is a biannual art exhibition with a twist. For each exhibition, 14 artists from fields as diverse as photography and film to architecture and dance are invited to participate and work in seven teams of two (hence the name ‘Seven With Another’).

Over the last three years Seven With Another has proudly held seven exhibitions pairing 98 artists in total. In April, Seven With Another’s celebration of creativity and collaboration will be commemorated with a retrospective featuring all 49 works to date taking over the Brisbane Powerhouse.

David Novakovic (developer) + Steven Rhodes (illustrator)
Justin Overell (digital artist) + James McDougall (sound designer)
Jessica Huddart (graphic designer) + Sarah Marion Birchley (stylist)
Sandra Hind (copywriter) + Emma Sheldrake (fine artist)
Neil Davidson (product designer) + Joyce Ho (motion designer)
Skeet Booth (photographer) + Tony Powell (sculptor)
Luke Pendergast (architect) + Monique Kneepkens (graphic designer)

Sofles (graffiti artist) + Alexander Lotersztain (furniture designer)
Rem Bruijn (copywriter) + Ana Diaz (fashion designer)
Tara Simmons (singer/songwriter) + Jennifer Hillhouse (graphic designer)
Damien Bredberg (photographer) + Petey Majik (magician)
Hana Rajkovic (fine artist) + Tori Garrett (film director)
Ben Novakovic (programmer) + Daniel Clifford (sculptor)
James Russell (architect) + Colin Renshaw (visual fx)

Alex Chomicz (film director) + Cezary Stulgis (sculptor)
Colleen Morgan (interaction designer) + Kate Stein (stylist)
Dane Middleton (sound designer) + Kirsty Boyle (robotics artist)
Igor Coric (animator) + Jesse Smith (photographer)
Kitty Horton (illustrator) + Patrick Ozmin (architectural graduate)
Maria Cleary (designer/maker) + Ralph Barnett (art director)
Riki Salam (indigenous artist) + Steve Minon (copywriter)

Ryan Renshaw (film director) + Martin Smith (photographer)
Timothy Lovett (motion designer) + Clare Dyson (choreographer)
Terry Whidborne (illustrator) + Carly Scoufos (sculptor)
Benjamin Reeve (contemporary artist) + Philip Unwin (maker / physical computing)
Dominique Falla (typographer) + Ryan Walsh (sound designer)
Jason Grant (graphic designer) + Michael Candy (kinetics artist)
Kathryn Lee (costume designer) + Suzie Wiley (architect)

Adam Sebastian West (photographer) + Pete Macfarlane (architect / stonemason)
Stephen Lance (film director) + Holly Ryan (jeweller)
Robert Davidson (musician) + KT Doyle (surface designer)
Alexandra Naghavi (graphic designer) + Anthony Potter (builder)
Siall Waterbright (writer) + Urs Furrer (VFX)
Fritz Schwarz (product designer) + Courtney Coombs (contemporary artist)
Ben Hughes (lighting designer) + James Alley (illustrator)

Masayo Yasuki (dogstar | fashion designer) + Laura Pascoe (architect)
Sue-Ching Lascelles (installation artist) + Tristan Houghton (director)
Sam McHardy (programmer/mathematician) + Andy Monks (illustrator)
Jason Bird (industrial designer) + Matt Emmerson (art director)
Sem Han (animator) + Dania Cornelius (opera singer)
Adam Head (maker) + Mark Lobo (photographer)
Paula Walden (jewellery designer) + Paul Nolan (typographer)

Adam Meisenhelter (maker) + Zenon Kohler (VFX director)
Marianne Harvey (copywriter) + Paul Owen (architect)
Leo Yip (industrial designer) + Emily Devers (fine artist)
Kory McAvoy (art director) + Deanne Mayocchi (Maiocchi | fashion designer)
Hailey Bartholomew (director / photographer) + Erin Lightfoot (textile designer)
Chris Bennie (multimedia artist) + Drew der Kinderen (performing artist / director)
Luke Mansini (musician) + Mimsy Gleeson (tattoo artist)

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