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Dave Thornton

Onwards & Upwards


FRI 17–SUN 19 MARCH, 2017


Presented by Brisbane Comedy Festival and Token Events

This is a stand-up comedy show about my life.

What’s been happening in it? Glad you asked hypothetical person. Well, last year I bought a house and had a kid. Mature moves I guess but can I remind you this is all from a man who is still too lazy to clean his bed sheets and instead leaves them on his bed and vacuums them. I’ll also be talking about other stuff I find funny and/or interesting. Come along and if you don’t laugh at least once I’ll give you your money back.*

*actual reimbursement cannot occur because of aforementioned house and child


He’s got that slick stand-up gift of being able to take a spontaneous moment in a show and twist it, turn it, and make it funny

Herald Sun

A master of his craft…clearly in career best form ★★★★1/2.


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