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Photo by Studio Impressions

Brisbane Powerhouse is in the heart of New Farm and Teneriffe’s historical industrial zone, which originally featured a sugar refinery, gasworks, wharves and wool stores.

The building was once a working power station, which electrified the city from the 1920s to the 1970s. Left abandoned, the city’s artists, rebels and fringe-dwellers used the building as a performance space, home and underground hang-out.

We’re now open to everyone – from the artists, rebels and fringe-dwellers to our valued local community, visitors and international collaborators. This underpins our core value: We’re for Open.

Open to discovery. Open to new adventures, uncovering new passion. Open to new ways of thinking, doing, acting, creating.
There isn’t only one way, or the best way, there are many roads to a destination. We say remain open to all of them.

Because when you’re open, great things happen.

You’re more interesting; more empathetic; more understanding; more considered; more spontaneous; wiser; smarter; less judgmental.

When you’re open you’re free to see, do and be more.

When you’re open, life is more giving.

Life is more fun.

Be open to it.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Open up.

At Brisbane Powerhouse we say yes to staying and being always open.

Our full cultural vision can be found here.

Photo of Wonderland Festival by Studio Impressions.