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Game Show

What if Eddie McGuire had to give his own money away while hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Or Larry Emdur paid for your holiday on The Price Is Right?

This performance spectacular, from the creators of FUN RUN, will challenge your desire to win big! GAME SHOW puts the host in the hot seat as audience members compete for the chance to take home all of the host’s belongings.

GAME SHOW was showcased as part of the Scratch Series at World Theatre Festival 2012 as a first stage work-in-development. Audiences were invited to spend time with the artists as they experimented, tested and gained feedback on game play that would be used in the developed work.

A second stage devel­op­ment occurred in May 2013 at Arts House. GAME SHOW is intended to premiere in 2014.

Created by Tristan Meecham and Aphids
Produced by Insite Arts
Artistic team Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S Weiland, Martyn Coutts, Lara Thoms, Liz Dunn and Lucia Ilett
Sound designer Lucia Ilett

Roger Rynd International Cultural Exchange
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Roger Rynd International Cultural Exchange

The Roger Rynd International Cultural Exchange is the “beginning of a small but rewarding partnership” between performing artists from Korea and Australia.

In November 2012 REM Theatre, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Brisbane Powerhouse and Motherboard Productions hosted the second half of a two-part cultural exchange in honour of the life and work of the late Roger Rynd. Mr Rynd died tragically in Seoul in June 2010, but the work and enduring links that he developed between Australia and Korea continue to grow.

This exchange program was open to physical theatre performers from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in genuine cultural and artistic exchange. Four outstanding artists from both Korea and Australia were selected to participate. The exchange was conducted over two phases; the first seeing the successful Australian applicant travel to Seoul in August 2012 to collaborate with their Korean counterpart. Reciprocal in nature, the second-phase saw both the Korean and Australian participants meet in November at Brisbane Powerhouse to continue the collaboration.

The exchange was not focused on performance outcome, however the participating artists had the opportunity to present at the Seoul Art Space_Mullae Festival and presented a work-in-progress showing at Brisbane Powerhouse in December 2012.

Katrina Cornwall
Kieran Law
BaeSub Keum
YoungMin Son


Dangling My Tootsies

Dangling My Tootsies, featuring the songs and stories of cabaret legend Agnes Bernelle, premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse in the Visy Theatre in July 2012.

Agnes Bernelle was the embodiment of the subversive side of German Cabaret. Her inimitable songs and stories, using the notoriously wry lyrics of 1930s poet Joachim Ringelnatz (as well as those of Marc Almond and Tom Waits) were brought to life in this unique cabaret performance by the acclaimed Annie Lee.

Annie was joined by three highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists; John Rodgers, Sallie Campbell and Rob Davidson, who together brought their own richly layered twist to this curious and enchanting show.

Dangling My Tootsies, with its unusual, subversive and tantalising songs and stories, continues the legacy of an indomitable woman who devoted her entire life to cabaret.


RRAMP: The Collector, The Archivist and The Electrocrat

The long-time collaborators behind Fluff, Pianissimo and Decent Spinster reassembled – this time as a band.

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse and Mobile States in July 2012, RRAMP began as a work-in-development first shown as part of the Scratch Series at World Theatre Festival in 2011. RRAMP is an eclectic mix of original music, dance, story, humour and animation featuring Christine Johnston as The Collector, Lisa O’Neill as he much shorter personal assistant The Archivist, and Peter Nelson as The Electrocrat.

Exquisitely animated by Ahmarnya Price, RRAMP is an electronica dance metal rock set reflecting on unexpected and compelling stories of archives, collections, pets, childhood imaginings and human frailty.

After premiering at Brisbane Powerhouse, RRAMP continued on a national tour to Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Campbelltown.