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All That Fall

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse

Direct from New York and Edinburgh comes a reimagining of Samuel Beckett’s celebrated All That Fall

Get comfortable in your rocking chair and let the lilting tones of Ireland’s finest actors wash over you as they bring to life Nobel Prize-winning playwright Samuel Beckett’s wryly humorous story of a couple and their bewilderingly ordinary adventures.

Pan Pan’s All That Fall brings Beckett’s radio play out of the home and into the theatre for a hosted storytelling event with an installation of 60 rocking chairs, surround sound and hundreds of ambient lights. All That Fall is an international smash hit and arrives here fresh from winning multiple 2012 Irish Times Theatre Awards.

Ireland’s critically-acclaimed Pan Pan Theatre is known for their bold reimaginings of classics and inventive new works. They’ve demonstrated how to take the theatrical greats – Shakespeare, Ibsen, Beckett – and strip them back, then give them a post-modern re-polish without losing any of the original vigour and substance. You last saw them at WTF for A Doll House and Oedipus Loves You.

There is a lockout for All That Fall. Please turn up on time. 

Supported by Culture Ireland.

Produced by
Pan Pan Theatre (Ireland)
Absurd theatre / Samuel Beckett / Radio play / Sound and lighting design / Performance design - transformation of performance space / Contemporary interpretation of a classic / Actor-free theatre / Voice conventions and vocal techniques / Non-realism in production approaches
Man’s mortality in an absurd world / Human existence as accidental / The monotony and bleakness of life / Inevitability of both life and death / Weightiness, exertion and lethargy/sluggishness / Absence/invisibility / Death / Tragedy / Sterility / Pain and suffering / Decay (physical/mental) / Symbols and metaphors


This tension is perfectly judged – it is not enough to distract from the fine performances and Beckett’s bleakly funny text, but it is enough to justify the whole idea of listening to them inside a controlled and designed environment.

Fintan O’Toole The Irish Times

Without live performers, we’re the ones who make this a theatrical occasion: In the half-dark room, we’re all part of the scenery. And it’s fascinating to watch your fellow listeners, haloed by ambient light, hang on Beckett’s words—many of which are about the terrible effects of time on the human body—or ponder his vast silences. The production toys with the borders between inside and outside the mind: As the wry voices sound in the gloom, it’s sometimes as if we’re inside the characters’ heads, or they’re inside ours.

The Village Voice

Pan Pan provide an experience that is genuinely different from anything you’ll have encountered in the theatre before... Under Gavin Quinn’s direction, the company also provides an excellent performance of the play – perhaps even an exemplary one.

Irish Theatre Magazine

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