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Presented by Promoter Ashwin Segkar in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse

Be emotionally roller-coastered by a secret Indian performance technique.

Comedian Ashwin Segkar debuts his theatrical comedy, Rasa at Wonderland Festival. Rasa moves you through a swirl of emotions using the power of comedy, sound and storytelling. It takes a technique from the world’s oldest drama manual and applies it to modern performance in a unique and hilarious show.

You’ll move through the primal emotions identified by India’s ancient gurus as being at the heart of human life including wonder, fear, joy and more. The Natyashastra said that all performance needs to evoke ‘Rasa’, a feeling that is vivid and strong in each audience member. While in ancient India this involved the movements of the classical dancer, or the notes and beats of the musician, in Rasa, we take the same wild journey using the artistic tools of our time and place.


About the Venue

Common Questions

How do I get to Brisbane Powerhouse?
See our Getting Here page.

Is parking available?
There is limited free-of-charge, all-day, on-site car parking at Brisbane Powerhouse. If you are travelling by car, please arrive early to secure a park. Additional free parking is available in New Farm Park accessible via our link road, which is opened after 5pm on performance days.

What time should I arrive?
It's best to arrive at least 30-40 minutes before the show start time to find a car park, pick up your tickets at box office and make your way to the venue. The doors of the venue will open approximately 10-15 minutes prior to show time.

Where do I pick up my tickets?
Tickets will be available for pick up from Box Office 60 minutes prior to show time.

Is there food and drink available

Brisbane Powerhouse has two on-site restaurants. More information can be found on our Eat + Drink page.

See more common questions and learn everything you need to know about your visit to Brisbane Powerhouse on our FAQ page.

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Explore New Farm Park
Brisbane Powerhouse is located next to the beautiful New Farm Park, one of Brisbane’s most popular and much loved recreational facilities. Pack a picnic, smell the roses in the garden, play a game of tennis, let the kids loose in the playground, enjoy a coffee, or just sit back and take in the sunshine.

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