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Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane

Presented by Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane in association with Brisbane Powerhouse

Launched in February 2017, with it’s inaugural program, Supercell is back in 2018 whipping up a storm with a convergence of hot new contemporary dance!

Supercell is an annual contemporary dance festival held in Brisbane, Australia. The Festival presents a program of the highest-calibre contemporary dance to develop and connect choreographers, dancers, and audiences alike in a celebration of city, culture and community.

Sprinkling the palate and offering more than just a great night at the theatre, Supercell invites you to try out our Participate and Think programs to unpack and demystify the art form of contemporary dance and, to wholeheartedly inspire debate and dialogue around the hot topics and zeitgeist of our time. Bringing audiences up close and personal, activities include: workshops, classes, conversations and curated food and beverage experiences for both the professional dancer and lounge room dance party pro.

Join us in 2018 as we dance up a storm!

Supercell is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and by Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Powerhouse and The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Visit Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance website at supercelldancefestival.com.

Festival Events

The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf

Flipping ‘normal’ upside down and unleashing the untamed wolf that hides within us all.

Everything Remains

A minimal and poetic encounter of physical transformations of sex and gender, pain and limitations

Forecast: An Australasian Convergence

A showcase of dance from Singapore and Queensland

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