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WTF 2016

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse

WTF is a festival of contemporary performance which runs alongside the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) in 2016 and 2018. The festival features international works that challenge the traditional definitions of theatre and includes stories that cover everything from the political to the personal.

Since its inception in 2010 many artists from across the world have performed at the festival in works produced by Belarus Free Theatre (Belarus), Pan Pan Theatre (Ireland), Instant Café Theatre (Malaysia), Aurorua Nova (Iran), Rotozaza (UK), Gob Squad (UK/Germany), HotForTheatre (Ireland), Reckless Sleepers (Belgium/UK), PIPA (New Zealand), MKA (Australia), Team Mess (Australia), Il Pixel Rosso (UK), The Escapists (Australia), Motus (Italy), The Rude Mechs (USA), Abhinaya Theatre Company (India), Hackman (New Zealand), Born in a Taxi (Australia), Kassys (Netherlands), RealTV (Australia), Temporary Distortion (USA), Rosie Dennis (Australia), Teatro En El Blanco (Chile), Marrugeku (Australia), Company 2 (Australia), Colman Domingo Productions (USA), Snuff Puppets (Australia), Stuck Pigs Squealing (Australia), The Suitcase Royale (Australia), Verdant Productions (Ireland), Multinesia (New Zealand) and Motherboard Productions (Australia).

See the full program here.

Festival Events