Partnership Profiles


The Brisbane Airport Free Program

Over the past year, Brisbane Powerhouse and Brisbane Airport have worked together to ensure live music, comedy and visual arts are available free of charge to the entire community.

The Brisbane Airport Free Program attracts hundreds of visitors to the precinct each week.

The program includes stand-up comedy, visual arts exhibitions and live global, jazz, indie, pop and rock music. These diverse offerings appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, and make Brisbane Powerhouse an ideal place to unwind on the weekend.

The Free Program is at the core of Brisbane Airport’s role as a major economic engine for the Greater Brisbane region. This initiative directly supports our city in achieving growth and development by balancing economic benefit and building collaborative relationships.

It is a testament to the way in which accessible art and culture strengthens a city.

From July 2012 the Free Program has presented the work of 162 comedians and 409 musicians to Brisbane Powerhouse patrons - completely free.


Thanks for everything. We had a great day and we won a lot of new fans. Gee, they were nearly as excited as us!

Noel, The Casurinas, Livespark

Thank you so much for having us! It was a great venue to play and the front of house sound was superb.

Wayne, Knievels, Livespark