21 APR 2021

In May, multi-award-winning writer/performer Stace Callaghan premieres their new one-person show, Queer as Flux, for MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture at Brisbane Powerhouse. This intimate, life-affirming, autobiographical performance invites the audience to see the world through the eyes of a grown-up tomboy and their Drag Queen Fairy Godmother alter-ego, Polly Tickle, as they pay homage to queer ancestors who paved the way (and not-so-queer folks who did their best).

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a body that doesn’t match who you are?

Stace Callaghan reveals all (well, almost all!) in Queer as Flux, as they unpack the complexities of transitioning in a world obsessed with sticking people in boxes and fixing them with labels.

“I’m not broken. I don’t need fixing. I’m nearly 50. Clearly it’s not just a phase.”

Transitioning isn’t a new fad – everybody’s doing it! From babies to Drag Queens, aging parents to Superheroes, Stace’s dynamic solo performance of multiple characters showcases transitions of bodies, hearts and minds via stories of gender, sexuality, spirituality, near-death experiences, aging, dementia and dying.

Queer as Flux, Stace’s fourth autobiograpical solo show as writer/performer, builds on their reputation of creating challenging theatre that uplifts, unites and entertains.

“Ultimately, the tone is calm and conciliatory, its message one of healing and hope. It speaks from the heart and its essential rawness, sensuality, humour and truth are what hits home.” (when i was a boy, Bryce Hallett, The Sydney Morning Herald).

“The word, ‘inspirational’ gets sprayed around loosely, but it best describes Stace Callaghan…” (Veronica Kelly, The Australian).

A professional shape-shifter, at 39 Stace won a Matilda Award for playing a 9-year-old boy in La Boite’s The White Earth and in 2001 a Matilda Commendation and Sydney Mardi Gras Festival Award for their groundbreaking solo show when i was a boy. Other life-changing career moments include breaking their back as a trapeze artist, sleeping with lions at a zoo and co-inventing a music theory board game!

Queer as Flux premieres at Brisbane Powerhouse from 27 – 29 May 2021. To purchase tickets, click here.