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Courtney and Kelvin first crossed paths in 2014 at Brisbane’s Blackbird, where a spilled drink and an offer to buy a replacement drink led to a connection that felt different from the start, as Courtney went back to her friends and said “something feels different about this guy”. Cut to November 2021, and Kelvin proposed to Courtney while the pair were playing pool in their Sunshine Cost Airbnb.

Choosing the Brisbane Powerhouse for the couple’s big day was a decision foretold before their engagement, as one of Kevin’s friends jested years ago, during a New Farm Park picnic, that the couple would get married in the Powerhouse. The couple reaffirmed, “Brisbane Powerhouse is one of the most breathtaking buildings in Brisbane. Having the park and the river as its surrounding sights – there was no other option in our eyes.”

The couple’s ceremony took place on the Turbine Platform, a stunning stage that accommodated their bridal party of five groomsmen and five bridesmaids. Their dog, Billy, also joined the bridal party on stage, adding an extra special touch. For the reception, the Rooftop Terrace provided the ideal space for their 120 guests and offered picturesque views of the Brisbane River.

Family and friends played crucial roles, from a friend who made their cake, another who did hair, one as their photographer, a family friend for a celebrant and the beer having been made by Kelvin and his groomsman – nearly all aspects of their wedding were made more special thanks to those in their life.

Courtney walked down the aisle to ‘Two Strong Hearts’ by Ainslie Wills, and their first dance was to ‘Baby I’m Yours’ by the Arctic Monkeys. The bridal party’s dance number to ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé was a highlight, and Courtney and her father danced to ‘Little Ray of Sunshine’ by Axiom.

Courtney and Kelvin’s wedding at the Brisbane Powerhouse was a celebration filled with personal touches from the couple’s many loved ones, making for a lively atmosphere. It perfectly encapsulated their love story and provided cherished memories for the couple and their guests.