wedding stories


At a trivia night in Spring Hill, Luke met Gough and immediately thought he was “super cute”, and so Luke gathered the courage and asked Gough out for a lunch date.

Flash forward to a restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia; Luke proposed to Gough just after the waiter had taken their order. Gough had no idea it was coming, and the pair spent the rest of their evening planning their dream wedding. 

Mindful of practical considerations, the couple thoughtfully selected a venue that offered them value. The couple noted that Brisbane Powerhouse was also an iconic venue that made them feel comfortable and familiar, with great views of the Brisbane River.

The whole team at the Powerhouse did a great job and took the stress out of everything. It came together even with a few modifications on the day. We were really pleased with everything. The catering was also delicious and every bit as good as we expected. No mass-produced stuff that you’d get at your stock standard corporate function, and the wait staff were all very attentive.

The couple’s special day was made even more special by Gough’s mum, who decorated the tables with seashells and coral collected from all over Queensland during her sailing trips.

The industrial architecture of the Powerhouse’s Rooftop Terrace and the soft coastal aesthetic styled by Gough’s mum made for a perfect setting to the tune of the couple’s wedding song, ‘Somewhere Only We Know,’ covered by Lily Allen.