Politics in the Pub at the Brisbane Poiwerhouse

Politics in the Pub: AI Unveiled

09 Nov


Join our panel of leading experts and take a deep dive into the world of AI.

Will the biggest disrupter to the way we live and work, transform our world for the better? Or should we be deeply concerned?

This candid conversation will provide valuable insights into the ethics of using AI, the urgent need for policy and society’s challenge of imagining a future that is already here.

This is a “Pay What You Wish” performance. Feel free to contribute or come along for free! All proceeds (minus booking fees) go to the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

The event will also be livestreamed via Facebook, which you can access here. 


Host — Shannon Breen

Shannon is a former ABC broadcaster and has spent the last 20 years completing university degrees and wondering what she’ll be when she grows up. She’s a volunteer member of the Politics in the Pub committee.

Panelist — Toni Peggrem
Toni is the CEO of the Queensland AI Hub. Toni has been supporting the growth of the Queensland AI Hub and the AI community for the past year and has over 30 years’ experience in strategic planning and successfully leading organisational reform programs that have enabled services to navigate complex operating environments and realise improved performance outcomes.

Panelist — James Gauci
James is Managing Director of Cadent, an ethical technology studio and social enterprise. He founded Cadent in large part to contribute to addressing the societal risks of AI and make progress on the AI alignment problem. Cadent does this by donating to AI research, standards, and policy development. James has over a decade of experience in digital and technology leadership roles working with government programs, not for profits, tech companies and Fortune 100s.

Panelist — Janet Wiles
Janet Wiles is a Professor in Human Centred Computing at the University of Queensland and leads the Future Technologies Thread of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL). Her multidisciplinary team co-designs language technologies to support people living with dementia and their carers; new tools to enable Indigenous communities to develop their own speech recognition systems; and social robots for applications in health, education, and neuroscience.

Panelist — Erica Mealy 

Identifying as a “technology Evangelist”, Dr Erica Mealy is driven to realise tangible community benefit through her passion for effective and affective technology design and development. Dr Mealy’s research interests include user-centered design, automation, artificial intelligence and most recently cyber security and data privacy. Erica is an experienced technology project manager, software developer and technology communicator.


New Farm Neighbourhood Centre provides connection, support and opportunities for local people to come together around shared interests. The centre also provides a safe place where people can get practical help with the challenges that life can present.

Politics in the Pub events are free community conversations with topics chosen by a volunteer committee who aim to bring in-person conversations to our community on a range of current issues. These events are made possible through the generous support of the patrons of New Farm and Brisbane Powerhouse.




Thu 9 Nov 2023


Turbine Platform




120 minutes


Presented by New Farm Neighbourhood Centre