WANDIMA (Wan as in wand; -di as in did; -ma) means rising; going upward.*


The Wandima Fellowship is supported by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Brisbane Powerhouse. It provides an outstanding Indigenous Australian creative practitioner with a supported program of professional development, work experience and/or professional mentoring for up to one year.

The creative practitioner can come from any area of arts practice eg artist, designer, lighting designer, director, choreographer, musician, actor, curator or other area of diverse arts practice. Arts administrators, producers, theatre technicians or production crew are also encouraged to apply.

Participation in the Fellowship should build upon the recipient’s skills and passions to establish industry connections and pathways for their career.


Under the leadership of CEO/Artistic Director and Brisbane Powerhouse team, in consultation with Powerhouse’s First Nations Advisor, the successful candidate will be supported in the design of a program which could include:

  • Internship or Residency at Brisbane Powerhouse 
  • Internship with other suitable arts company
  • Support in identifying creative development opportunities in Australia or internationally
  • Courses or Programs that build capacity and extend experience

Internships at Brisbane Powerhouse might include working alongside producing staff in the delivery of a project or program of activities; attachment to the Production Department for any technical production graduates; working alongside a curator to scope and deliver a visual arts exhibition; or other activities that align with the Fellow’s area of interest and goals.


The Fellowship is valued at $20,000 and funding may be put towards:

  • Travel costs associated with undertaking internships or other activities 
  • Per diem (living allowance) for the duration of any internship or residency 
  • Mentor’s fees (excluding Brisbane Powerhouse staff)
  • Structured experience expenses (e.g. residency, placement or participation fees) 


For the year-long period of the Fellowship, the successful applicant will be known as the Wandima Fellow. They can acknowledge this credit on their CV.


  • Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • Open to creative practitioners nationally. Creative practitioners include producers, community engagement workers, technical design etc.
  • Have graduated from a creative industries Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree


Please submit an expression of interest letter of no more than two (2) pages which should include:

  1. Why you wish to be considered for the Fellowship
  2. A brief description of your artistic or creative field of practice, or arts administrative experience and interest
  3. A short proposal on how you would like to spend your time as the Wandima Fellow
  4. Send your proposal to [email protected]


The Wandima Fellow will be required to undertake one engagement activity with QUT and one public outcome (i.e. performance/exhibition/speaking engagement/showing dependant of the nature of the creative practitioner) with Brisbane Powerhouse to demonstrate the benefits and outcomes associated with the Fellowship.


Please submit your application to [email protected]
For further information, please contact Brad Spolding, Arts Program Director, Brisbane Powerhouse on (07) 3358 8600

Closing date for applications: Sunday 02 July 2023

The Wandima Fellowship is supported by Queensland University of Technology.

*This Yagara name was selected to represent moving up, elevation, going to a higher, deeper place in a chosen field eg the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills and share existing. The rising and going upward refers to taking the participants to a higher level of experience and skills, learning, development, growth; rising up of Australian First Nations peoples into new and expanded horizons. This term has also been used for perform/song/dance. – Gaja Kerry Charlton

Photo credit: Photography by Simon Woods. “Leading Ladies” (for Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre) featuring 2022 Wandima Fellow, Nicole Reilly.