14 MAR 2023

Peaches has spent nearly two decades pushing boundaries and wielding immeasurable impacts on pop culture. 23 years has passed since the release of her iconic, boundary-pushing debut album, The Teaches of Peaches.

Coming from a strong rock n’ roll background, Peaches was inspired to use electronica to mimic rock ethos after her bandmates moved away.

With the desire to turn the electronic into rock n’ roll, a revolutionary foundation was laid not only for Peaches but also for the listeners of her era. This post-punk grime and pro-sex feminism gave rise to a cult following. Many of them celebrated with us at the Teaches of Peaches 20th Anniversary Tour concert this February.

“A Peaches’ gig mixed generations, pay-grades, and social status and was simply about leaving inhibitions at the door to DANCE,” as quoted by Scenestr in their live review. Tattooed misfits or suburban locals, the sold-out performance packed our theatre to the brim, kicking off ΩHM‘s first weekend unapologetically and with a bang.

Described by co-curator Lawrence English as a “significant cultural interrogation,” ΩHM has truly captured the attention of Brisbane’s music lovers and experience chasers alike. Followed by a line-up of boundary-pushing performances, the roof might just blow off this joint.

Provocative. Profound. Pioneering.

This is ΩHM.