The World Press Photo Exhibition 2024 invites viewers to step outside the news cycle and think critically about important topics in our world.

To celebrate the annual Day of the Dead, Sabino Marín Reyes cleans and decorates the graves of his relatives in Ejido Francisco Serrato, a Mazahua Indigenous community in Michoacán. The Mazahua believe that monarchs are the souls of their ancestors
Joeline (Fara) Rafaraniriana (41) and her daughter, Odliatemix Rafaraniriana (5), lie together on the bed they share with Dada Paul Rakotazandriny (91) in their home in Mandrosoa Ivato, Antananarivo, Madagascar. Fara is the sole provider for the family of three and struggles to balance her time between caring for her father, work and spending time with her daughter. 12 March 2023
Young people outside a college. Youth unemployment rises to 42% for young Tunisians with a tertiary education. Regueb, Tunisia, 28 April 2023.
Gay Space Agency astronaut Brian Murphy during flight simulations.


06 JUL – 04 AUG
Mon – Tue 9am to 5pm
Wed – Sun 9am to late


The main exhibition is on the Turbine Platform, then continues in the Fairfax Studio on the lower level at Brisbane Powerhouse.

CONTENT WARNING: This exhibition includes images that viewers might find confronting. Parents and guardians are encouraged to consider this when attending with children and young adults.


The World Press Photo Foundation is a global platform connecting photojournalists, documentary photographers and our worldwide audiences through trustworthy storytelling.

World Press Photo was founded in 1955 when a group of Dutch photographers organized a contest (“World Press Photo”) to expose their work to an international audience. Since then, the World Press Photo Contest has grown into one of the world’s most prestigious competitions, rewarding the best in photojournalism and documentary photography from around the world. Through a successful worldwide exhibition program, the World Press Photo Foundation presents to millions of people the stories that matter.

From the 24 regional winners, the 2024 Contest jury selected the four global winners: the World Press Photo of the Year, World Press Photo Story of the Year, World Press Photo Long-Term Project Award, and World Press Photo Open Format Award.

These final selected works are a tapestry of our world today, centered on images we believe were made with respect and integrity, that can speak universally and resonate far beyond their origins. This is an opportunity to applaud the work of press and documentary photographers everywhere – made with courage, intelligence, and ingenuity – and to amplify the importance of the stories they are telling, often in unimaginable circumstances.

Fiona Shields, head of Photography at The Guardian and 2024 World Press Photo Contest global jury chair.




Hero Image: North and Central America Open Format by Mackenzie Calle

Slider Gallery: 1) Southeast Asia and Oceania Singles by Eddie Jim, The Ag, Sydney Morning Herald. 2) South America Stories by Adriana Loureiro Fernandez for The New York Times. 3) North and Central America Long-Term Projects by Alejandro Cegarra, The New York Time, Bloomberg. 4) North and Central America Stories by Jaime Rojo for National Geographic. 5) Europe Open Format by Julia Kochetova.

Individual Images: 1) North and Central America Stories by Jaime Rojo for National Geographic. 2) Africa Stories by Lee-Ann Olwage for GEO. 3) Africa Long-Term Projects by Zied Ben Romdhane, Magnum Photo, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture AIM LAB. 4) North and Central America Open Format by Mackenzie Calle.